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Lancework is the art of creating a picture, message, word, sign any item you can imagine as a static firework. Think of something you would like to see in fire, be it writing or your company logo and we can turn this thought into a lancework set piece that will last up to 90 seconds! Click here for accompanying Firework Displays to compliment your lancework.

We are the only company in the UK that specialises in Lancework  as well as professional firework displays. Our client list stretches from private parties such as weddings and anniversaries to huge corporate extravaganzas and town council displays. Take a look at the video to the right of some lancework for a corporate client. This sign was 4ft high by 8ft wide and lasted 60 seconds.

Lancework is very quiet and can be used at distances as little as 15 metres from the crowd. Why not contact us for more information?


Lancework has been used since the dawn of fireworks. Infact, lancework was once the focal point of the display and the queen requested her own unique picture each year. 

Sirotechnics have the ability to create the UK`s only colour changing and strobing lancework too. This looks stunning in any application.

Take a look left at this colour changing peacock. Please do bear in mind we could not get the camera to focus properly due to the direction of the smoke, unlike the video above. The picture is in reality, perfectly clear. 


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